2018.06Proceed government project about exterior wall BIPV
2018.04Obtain certificate of \”CHIKYUGI( Earth Tree )\” eco-friendly product certification from ITOCHU KENZAI CO., LTD.
2017.09Developed FEROOF solar BIPV product
2017.03Launched Wall-Cladding, Mattone [Super Size]
2016.09New design design patent
2016.02Launched Wall-Cladding, Mattone
2015.03Miami-Dade certificates in USA
2014.12Awarded the grand prize of Package by Korean Company Magazine Association
2014.12Awarded the grand prize of Promotional Film by Korean Company Magazine Association
2014.06Africa Product Award 2013~2014
2013.12Korean World-class Product Award 2013
2013.12 2013Best Small Business Award (GyeongBuk)
2013.11Awarded with”GOOD DESIGN” of roof tile SLATE
2013.09ICC certificates (FIRE, WIND, WEATHER)
2012.12Excellent Gree-Biz
2012.12Received an award from the Gyeongbuk Governor
2012.12Million Dollar Export Tower Award
2012.09UL790, Fire tests of roof coverings
2012.09UL1897, Uplift test for roof covering systems
2012.09KOTRA Global Brand 2012 – Slver –
2012.06Trade Champs Club (Ksure)
2012.05KS F 4751:Humidity Resistance (Roof Tile)
2012.05KS F 4751:Accelerated Weathering Test (Roof Tile)
2011.12Certificate Export Leading Company GyeongBuk
2011.03Research laboratory of FEROOF certificates
2011.06Main-Biz Certificates
2011.10Awarded the Ministry of Knowledge Economy Award
2010.11GyeongBuk Pride Certificate Production
2010.11ISO14001 certificates
2010.09GyeongBuk Pride Certificate Company
2010.06FEROOF Clean Workplace Certificate
2009.11Received an award from the President of Korea
2009.08Venture Company certificates
2009.07KOTRA Seal of Excellence
2009.07Excellent company selected a new growth engine
2008.08Certificate of INNO-BIZ
2008.04Management Innovation Business Certification
2008.03Certificate of KS F 4751 (KS)
2007.11Certificate of Membership (KITA)
2007.11Certificate of Patent
2007.07Certificate of TUV Rheinland
2007.06Certificate of CE
2006.01Certificate of Design Registration
2005.10Best Small Business Award (GyeongBuk)
2005.07Promising Export Firm
2002.01Established FEROOF corporation